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Stockholm Arlanda is first with Norwegian’s Dreamliner

2013-08-12, kl. 10:42

Stockholm Arlanda Airport will record a first when Norwegian Air Shuttle launches the airline’s Dreamliner in its long-haul service. Beginning Thursday, August 15, Norwegian’s flights from Stockholm Arlanda to Bangkok and New York will be flown by the Dreamliner.

Norwegian CEO Bjørn Kjos says that it feels fantastic that Norwegian can finally launch its Dreamliner in traffic to Bangkok and New York from Stockholm Arlanda.

“I am convinced that our customers will enjoy our new aircraft,” he says.

“We are pleased to welcome Norwegian’s Dreamliner, an aircraft of the future with a high level of comfort for passengers and lower noise and emission levels,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. “We also look forward to continuing our work with Norwegian in order to launch more long-haul routes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.”

About the Dreamliner

The Dreamliner is constructed using a composite material, which makes it more lightweight and more fuel-efficient than any other comparable aircraft. Some of its unique features include larger windows, reduced sound levels and cleaner cabin air.

The Dreamliner is one of the most environmentally-friendly aircraft around, with 20 per cent less fuel consumption and 20 per cent lower carbon dioxide emission levels. It is also worth noting that the aircraft is quieter than other comparable aircraft , which is an extra bonus for the environment around Stockholm Arlanda.

Norwegian currently has eight 787 Dreamliners on order. All of these will be used for long-haul service between Scandinavia and Asia and the US.