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Stockholm Arlanda is building to handle more passengers

2016-09-02, kl. 09:10

The number of passengers at Stockholm Arlanda Airport has increased sharply in recent years. To create smoother flows for passengers and make room for more aircraft, two major projects are being launched which are expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

In order to handle more passengers and aircraft, Stockholm Arlanda is expanding. The two projects now starting up are part of a major investment programme for improved access which will be under way over the next few years.

“The major investments that we have long been planning are now starting up in earnest in several areas at Stockholm Arlanda. There is a great need to handle the growing traffic volume and develop the airport in order to continue ensuring access by air for Stockholm and all of Sweden,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Smoother arrival

One project will make arrival in Sweden smoother. The border control and security checkpoint for transfer passengers in the area for Gates 11-24 in Terminal 5 will get two new passageways. More escalators and lifts (elevators) will also be built so that it will be easier to get from Level 3 to the border control on Level 4. The ceiling will also be raised to create a brighter, airier feel.

Room for more aircraft

The second project now being launched involves the construction of a new parking stand for aircraft that do not need to park at a gate. This will accommodate eleven normal-sized aircraft or five larger model aircraft.

More projects ahead

Since 2010, the number of passengers at Stockholm Arlanda has increased by about 40 per cent. Swedavia is investing 13 billion kronor through 2043 to handle this large passenger growth and increase access. Other projects included in this investment programme are an expanded security checkpoint in Terminal 5, additional parking spaces close to the terminals and a marketplace with more shops, restaurants and other services.

The picture is a sketch of Stockholm Arlanda’s new aircraft parking stand, produced by the architectural firm Tengbom.

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