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Stockholm Arlanda has grown 30 per cent in five years

2015-01-09, kl. 09:31

Over the past five years, over 30 per cent more passengers have chosen to fly via Stockholm Arlanda Airport. In 2014, almost 22.5 million passengers flew via the airport. That is an increase of 8.5 per cent and represents 2 million more passengers compared to 2013.

Both international and domestic traffic were up in 2014, with a 9.8 per cent increase internationally and 4.5 per cent increase domestically. In numerical terms, a total of 22,443,272 passengers flew to or from Stockholm Arlanda Airport during the year.

“Summing up statistics for 2014 and for the last five years, we note that there has been very strong growth in travel at Stockholm Arlanda and that we top the list for growth among European airports. Now the focus is fully on meeting this strong demand for travel. There is a significant need for expansion and development,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

In 2014, Stockholm Arlanda Airport enhanced its offering in a number of ways. New routes were established, the commercial offering was expanded and a brand new multi-storey parking structure was built to increase the number of parking spaces near the terminals.

“We are intensifying the expansion of Stockholm Arlanda, and our offering of services is ever more exciting. Our aim is to be Scandinavia’s leading airport and to meet passenger expectations as a unique destination and meeting place with a focus on experiences,” Mr Westin notes.

The number of passengers at Stockholm Arlanda over the past five years:

2010: 16,962,129 passengers
2011: 19,063,517 passengers
2012: 19,641,805 passengers
2013: 20,681,554 passengers
2014: 22,443,272 passengers