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Stockholm Arlanda Airport to grow with SkyCity Office One

2015-11-03, kl. 16:33

Swedavia has taken the decision to construct the property SkyCity Office One at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The two buildings will provide a total of 15,600 square metres of new office space in a 10-storey construction at the airport, and constitute a further step in Stockholm Arlanda’s development to be the leading airport in Scandinavia.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the fastest growing airport among the Scandinavian capitals as well as a hub for travel between the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Uppsala. Some 1,000 new jobs are created each year in the vicinity of Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

As air passenger volume increases, so does the demand for attractive office space with good access to fixed-rail mass transit as well as domestic and international air links. One international trend is the growth of new cities around major airports. In view of this, Swedavia has taken the decision to construct the ten-storey property SkyCity Office One, adjacent to the international Terminal 5 and the domestic Terminal 4. Office One consists of two buildings with 15,600 square metres of floor space, and is expected to be completed two years after the final construction decision.  

“This investment we are now making in office premises enhances the development potential of Stockholm Arlanda Airport. We will be able to offer growth opportunities for our partners at the airport as well as create very attractive conditions for setting up operations adjacent to one of the biggest growth areas in Europe,” says Torborg Chetkovich, chief executive of Swedavia.

Passenger volume at Stockholm Arlanda Airport has increased 30 per cent since 2010. In order to handle this growth, Swedavia previously decided on capital expenditures equivalent to SEK 13,000 M at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Furthermore, Swedavia is investing in properties in the vicinity of the airport according to the strategy it adopted, which means that the value generated in Swedavia’s real estate operations will facilitate the development of the airport based on Sweden’s long-term need for access.

The decision to build SkyCity Office One, which entails an investment of between SEK 500 and 600 M, means that property planning will now begin at Stockholm Arlanda. The final construction decision still needs to be made. The future development around the airport includes a new hotel with 400 rooms, targeted mostly at leisure passengers, which is expected to be completed by 2018.