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Stockholm Arlanda Airport launches English-language apps

2012-01-12, kl. 11:28

On January 10, an English-language version of Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s apps for iPhone and Android mobiles was launched. Even more travellers now have the opportunity to prepare ahead of their flight.

In the new version of the apps, the maps have been expanded and show more detailed information about shops and other services that help travellers find their way at the airport. In the iPhone app, there are also links from the map taking users straight to information about the shops as well as links from special offers to the shops selling the goods.

“We think these new functions will be very useful to passengers who are interested in finding our wide range of shops and restaurants here at the airport. With good opportunities for people to get their bearings as well as call these businesses, it’s the right way to provide good customer service,” says Roel Huinink, managing director of Arlanda Schiphol Development Company AB, which is responsible for the development of shops and restaurants at the airport.

With the English version, even more travellers have an opportunity to prepare ahead of their flight.

“Swedavia is always working to make travel smoother and easier for all its passengers, so it is really great that so many more people now have access to our apps,” says Anna Berglund, who is in charge of Swedavia’s digital channels.

Functions in Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s apps

  • Get information about current arrivals and departures two days in advance for domestic and international flights. Save your flight and quickly see the most recent updates.
  • Airport guide – includes maps of terminals with shops, cafés and other services as well as parking maps
  • Special offers for shopping and travel
  • Book a parking space
  • News, weather, see the airport via three web cameras
  • Departure times for the Arlanda Express high-speed train

How to download the apps

The iPhone app can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store, either via iTunes or straight to an iPhone. The app is called “Arlanda flygplats” (Arlanda Airport). The app can also be downloaded here: http://itunes.apple.com/se/app/arlanda-flygplats/id416802374?mt=8

The Android app is downloaded via Android Market and the link: