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Qatar Airways’ Dreamliner debuts on Stockholm route

2013-08-02, kl. 14:00

Yesterday Qatar Airways launched its service with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Doha International Airport to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. In conjunction with the first flight, the airline also became the first to offer daily flights with the next generation of aircraft to and from Sweden.

Qatar Airways plan Boeing 787 Dreamliner på Stockholm Arlanda Airport den 2 augusti 2013. Flygtrafikledningstornet och Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport syns i bakgrunden. Fotografi

Slideshow of Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Stockholm Arlanda

“Our Scandinavia routes are very important to us, and I am very pleased that our Dreamliner is now operating in Stockholm, since it provides our passengers with an unbeatable level of service and comfort to and from the Swedish capital. Qatar Airways’ Dreamliner is a very good aircraft that offers some of the most innovative and comfortable interiors in the industry. With the introduction of this aircraft, we have once again demonstrated that we do everything we can so that our customers are well taken care of for their entire trip, from booking to landing at their final destination,” says Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways.

“We are very proud to welcome Qatar Airways as the first carrier to introduce the Dreamliner at our airport,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

“We are delighted to be able to introduce our Boeing 787 on our Stockholm route, which means we can now offer our passengers an even more unique travel experience. We also look forward to introducing our Dreamliner to Copenhagen and Oslo in just a few weeks. This is an exciting time in the air travel industry, and we are proud that Qatar Airways is helping to lead this development,” says Günter Saurwein, Qatar Airways Country Manager Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltic States.

About the Dreamliner

Qatar Airways’ Dreamliner has 254 custom-made seats, 22 in Business Class and 232 in Economy Class, and the cabin interiors have been specially designed in both Business and Economy Class.

The Dreamliner is made of a composite material, which makes it lighter and more fuel-efficient than any comparable aircraft. Among its unique features are larger windows, lower sound levels and cleaner air in the cabin. The Dreamliner is one of the most environmentally friendly aircraft, with 20 per cent less fuel consumption and 20 per cent lower carbon dioxide emissions. It is also important to note that the aircraft is quieter than other comparable aircraft, which is an extra bonus for the environment around Stockholm Arlanda.

Qatar Airways’ 787s are the first Dreamliners in the world fully equipped with wireless Internet and SMS (text messaging) capability so that passengers can stay in contact with business partners, colleagues and friends on the ground throughout their flight. These features are available in both Business and Economy Class.

Video clip about Qatar Airways’ 787 Dreamliner (new window)

For further information, visit Qatar Airways’ website (new window)
Photo: Daniel Asplund.