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New route to Gdansk with SAS

2016-03-25, kl. 09:00

SAS will now begin flying between Stockholm Arlanda and Gdansk. The carrier’s maiden voyage will take place on Good Friday, March 25.

Gdansk is one of the biggest and oldest cities in Poland. Visitors can experience a rich cultural life combined with a vibrant history and contemporary society. In Gdansk, you can walk along quaint cobblestone streets, discover beautiful architecture and enjoy the large selection of beach parties, theatre festivals and markets on offer. 

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Timetable to and from Gdansk


Stockholm Arlanda–Gdansk SK2759 12:30p-2:05p
Gdansk–Stockholm Arlanda SK2760 2:30p-4:05p


Stockholm Arlanda–Gdansk SK2759 11:30a-1:05p
Gdansk–Stockholm Arlanda SK2760 1:30p-3:05p


Stockholm Arlanda–Gdansk SK2759 4:15p-5:50p
Gdansk–Stockholm Arlanda SK2760 6:15p-7:50p

The timetable will change between June 26 and August 12:


Stockholm Arlanda–Gdansk SK2759 7:40a-9:15a
Gdansk–Stockholm Arlanda SK2760 9:40a-11:15a


Stockholm Arlanda–Gdansk SK2759 2:10p-3:45p
Gdansk–Stockholm Arlanda SK2760 4:10p-5:45p