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New app for Stockholm Arlanda passengers

2013-05-29, kl. 14:30

Today Stockholm Arlanda is launching a new app. The new app, which replaces an earlier one, is the same for all ten Swedavia airports – Swedavia Swedish Airports. With this app, people can also check in directly on Facebook’s most checked-in place in Sweden, Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

There has been an app for Stockholm Arlanda Airport for a while. Now a common app is being released for Swedavia’s ten airports, Swedavia Swedish Airports, which replaces the existing airport app.

“Stockholm Arlanda Airport is Sweden’s most checked-in place on Facebook, and now it will be easy to check in directly using the app. It will also be smoother for our passengers to quickly get updates on flights and the airports they are flying to and from. We want to inspire people as well by showcasing our other offerings at the airport such as parking, food and shopping,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The following functions are new to the app:

  • A common Swedavia app, which makes it easy to switch between the different airports.
  • A selection of restaurants that passengers can review right in the app.
  • Check in directly on the airport’s Facebook page.

The following functions are already available:

  • Departures and arrivals in real time.
  • The “My flights” function, which contains information about the passenger’s bookings.
  • Range of shops and passenger services available.
  • News from the airport.
  • Map of parking facilities.
  • Map of the airport.
  • Car park booking: book and pay online.
  • Departure times for Arlanda Express high-speed trains.

To use Stockholm Arlanda’s app, you will be asked when you start the app to install Swedavia Swedish Airports. New users can download Swedavia Swedish Airports from the App Store for iPhones or from Google Play for Android devices.