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More passengers than ever at Stockholm Arlanda

2014-12-04, kl. 13:42

In November, the number of passengers at Stockholm Arlanda Airport increased three per cent compared to November last year. So far, for the period January to November, 20.8 million passengers have flown via Stockholm Arlanda, an increase of nine per cent compared to the same period in 2013.

The number of international passengers continued to rise at Stockholm Arlanda Airport in November as well, up four per cent compared to November last year. However, the number of domestic passengers was largely unchanged. In numerical terms, 1,266,409 passengers flew internationally and 452,742 passengers flew domestically.

The period January to November saw a sharp rise in passengers, with an increase of nine per cent over the same period last year, or 20,830,037 passengers to or from Stockholm Arlanda in numerical terms. That is almost 150,000 more passengers than the airport had in all of 2013.

“The trend at Stockholm Arlanda has been fantastic for all of 2014, and we are once again set for an all-time high in passenger volume. More passengers are driving the need to continue developing the airport, and the offering of services here is ever more exciting. Our aim is to build the airport of the future to meet passengers’ expectations of a unique destination and meeting place focused on experiences, and with our new environmental permit we can now finally roll up our sleeves and get to work,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Despite the increase in passengers, the number of aircraft at Stockholm Arlanda in November was down three per cent compared to November last year. That means aircraft are at full capacity, which in turn means lower emissions, especially of carbon dioxide, per passenger as well as better finances for airlines.

Facts: Passenger volume at Stockholm Arlanda Airport over the past five years:

2010: 16,962,129 passengers
2011: 19,063,517 passengers
2012: 19,641,805 passengers
2013: 20,681,554 passengers
Jan-Nov 2014: 20,830,037 passengers