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More charging posts by Terminal 4

2015-09-09, kl. 10:26

The number of charging posts has now been increased to 15 at the outdoor parking facility next to Terminal 4. At the same time, the charging posts in the hourly parking facility outside the terminal have been removed.

As of Monday, September 7, there are 15 new charging posts in the P46 parking facility, which is the outdoor parking lot next to Terminal 4. They replace the five charging posts in the hourly parking facility outside Terminal 4, which for legal reasons have now been removed. As a result, there are now almost 120 charging posts at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The outlets in the P46 parking facility are type 2 outlets. The price for parking is specified in the regular pricelist for the facility. The electricity is free of charge and will remain free of charge.

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