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Marie Serneholt in partnership with Stockholm Arlanda Airport

2014-05-13, kl. 14:54

Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport are working in partnership with Marie Serneholt to market the range of perfumes and cosmetics for sale at the airports. The Swedish celebrity will provide beauty tips in videos and articles on the magazine websites amelia.se and damernasvarld.se., which will debut today, Tuesday.

Marie Serneholt will provide beauty tips linked to travel in a series of tutorials or short, inspiring films. Marie puts on make-up in different ways depending on where she is travelling – London with graphic eyeliner and bright pink lips, Tokyo with purple eye shadow and exciting golden lips. At the Copacabana in Rio, there are different kinds of sun protection products.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is making a substantial investment in perfumes and cosmetics with a broad offering of brands and products. Travellers are also guaranteed lower prices – buying perfume and cosmetics at the airport will always be at least 20 per cent less expensive than in the city centre.  

“Today it is natural for airports to offer luxurious, inspiring shopping, and many people are coming to the airport earlier to enjoy the atmosphere and shopping experience. Stockholm Arlanda Airport also has a wide assortment with almost 200 brands,” says Michael Persson Gripkow, chief commercial and marketing officer at Swedavia.

See one of the videos on the Damernas Värld website (new window)

The airports have undergone significant development just in the last year, and the investment in perfumes and cosmetics is apparent in a number of ways. All eight Duty Free Stores (six at Stockholm Arlanda and two at Göteborg Landvetter) have been transformed into a new shop concept, with a greater emphasis on the shopping and brand experience, in part through interactive digital solutions, with digital screens and tablets enabling passengers to explore the full potential of the brands. That includes the specially produced tutorials. In the shops, there are also scent experts, instructional fragrance wheels and scent maps that help passengers select the right products. At Stockholm Arlanda, a personal shopper is also available.