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Iraqi Airways returns

2013-10-24, kl. 17:06

On Wednesday, Iraqi Airways was welcomed back to Stockholm Arlanda Airport after an absence of several years. Iraqi Airways flies to Baghdad and Erbil.

Iraqi Airways is launching service to Baghdad and Erbil. They will fly on Wednesdays to Baghdad and on Sundays to Erbil, with an Airbus 320 serving both routes.

As a result, Stockholm Arlanda now has a number of airlines flying to the three Iraqi destinations Baghdad, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah:

  • Baghdad: Iraqi Airways, Hermes Airlines has flown there sporadically, Small Planet Airlines is launching service in the winter timetable.
  • Erbil: Iraqi Airways, Germania, Small Planet and ZagrosJet; Hermes is launching service in the winter timetable.
  • Sulaymaniyah: Germania, Small Planet and Hermes.

Many people in Stockholm and elsewhere in Sweden come from a Kurdish or Iraqi background, and it will now be easier for them to get to Iraq and see relatives, friends and business contacts.