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Installation at the airport symbolises partnership with Doctors Without Borders

2012-12-13, kl. 15:00

Today an installation is being inaugurated at Stockholm Arlanda Airport which will symbolise the partnership that Swedavia has entered into with Doctors Without Borders. The installation consists of an interactive map of the world where people can listen to stories from places around the globe where the organisation carries out its humanitarian work. The partnership also means that Swedavia’s employees will have the opportunity to make a concrete contribution with their skills in infrastructure and logistics.

Doctors Without Borders is one of five organisations that Swedavia partners with under the framework for the Group’s sustainability work. To illustrate this collaboration, an installation is being inaugurated today at Stockholm Arlanda Airport which will spread knowledge about the organisation’s work around the globe.

“Airports are indispensable in areas afflicted by conflict and crisis in order for help to arrive from around the world. In that respect, there is a concrete link between Swedavia and Doctors Without Borders. As part of this partnership, our employees can take a leave of absence in order to make a difference and help by providing their skills where they are needed in this humanitarian work,” says Torborg Chetkovich, chief executive of Swedavia.

With the installation, there is also an opportunity for Swedes to donate by making an SMS (text message) payment. At the same time many Swedish and international travellers can learn from the organisation’s stories from the field with the help of an audio solution with earphones.

”We are delighted about our partnership with Swedavia. Doctors Without Borders has a great need of skilled logistics workers. Every year some 100 Swedes go out into the field for Doctors Without Borders, and about a third of them are non-medical staff. It is incredibly important to have different kinds of skills among the field workers in order for our work to function,” says Johan Mast, secretary general of Doctors Without Borders.

The  mobile installation will initially be located in the Terminal 5 arrival hall but will then be set up in various parts of the airport.

Installation in Terminal 5 at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.