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Giant aircraft visiting Stockholm Arlanda

2012-01-05, kl. 12:19

On Thursday, January 5, the world’s largest aircraft will land at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The aircraft is an AN-225 six-engine jet, manufactured by Antonov.

The aircraft is 84 metres long and 18.2 metres high with a wingspan of over 88 metres. Its payload is 250,000 kilos. The plane is not just unique because of its size but is also the only model in use.

The purpose of this visit is to carry cargo to Asia on Kales Airline Services with the freight forwarding company Agility Logistics.

The aircraft is expected to land at 3.00 p.m., stay overnight and take off at around 11.00 a.m.

After landing on Runway 1 (01L-19R), the plane can be viewed from the fence in Cargo City, near Road Gate 4. The bus stop for SL bus 583, which runs between Märsta and Stockholm Arlanda, and for bus 801, which runs between Uppsala and Stockholm Arlanda, is located nearby. There is also parking available for anyone coming by car; follow the signs to Cargo City.

There is heavy cargo traffic in the area, for obvious reasons. Bear in mind that the road here should not be blocked.