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Espresso House has opened at Stockholm Arlanda

2016-07-19, kl. 11:30

The largest chain of cafés in the Nordic countries, Espresso House, opened a Coffee Shop in the Terminal 5 arrival hall - perfect if you want something to eat or drink when you are waiting for friends or family or if you want to buy something for on your way home.

Espresso House serves high-quality coffee made from single farms and regions. They also sell salads, sandwiches and baked goods, which are baked in their own bakery.

"We are pleased that we can now offer an even wider range of coffees at Stockholm Arlanda from the popular Espresso House," says Magnus Ros, head of Commercial Services at Stockholm Arlanda.

Espresso House at Stockholm Arlanda Airport is a so-called express unit, which means that the products on offer are adapted for people who want to buy something quickly. 

Where to find Espresso House at Stockholm Arlanda