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Discover the variety of Sweden’s taste sensations at Stockholm Arlanda

2013-09-30, kl. 12:45

On Monday, a new deli concept was launched in Terminal 5 at Stockholm Arlanda. People can enjoy a variety of Swedish delicacies in the bar as well as buy something to bring home or to give as a gift. The concept is a bar and shop in one, with a focus on regional and locally produced items.

The range of products will vary during the year, and high standards are set for taste sensations and quality. Delicacies include high-quality smoked salmon and gravlax, whitefish roe, herring, chocolate and Västerbotten cheese.

“Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the world’s gateway to Sweden, and with the new deli concept, we can showcase Swedish food culture to the rest of the world in an inspiring way,” says Michael Persson Gripkow, Swedavia’s chief commercial and marketing officer.

While people wait for their flight, they can take a seat in the bar and experience some of the products on the spot. A few basic dishes are on the menu, and there is also a wide assortment of local beverages available. The glasses the beverages are served are hand-blown and come from Ulven Glassworks north of Uppsala.