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Discover Stockholm with the Stockholm Sounds app

2013-09-16, kl. 10:20

A new app is being launched which will offer tourists unique experiences not usually found in guidebooks. Tourists are challenged to discover Stockholm through game missions, interactive experiences and visits to exciting places based on the sounds and music of the city. The app was developed in partnership with, among others, Stockholm Visitors Board/Stockholm Business Region, the Swedish Trade Federation, Ports of Stockholm, Visit Sweden and Swedavia.

As soon as passengers land at Stockholm Arlanda and open the app, they get suggestions for experiences and a map to help them find the places at the airport. For instance, in the baggage hall, people can answer questions about some of the musicians found in the Stockholm Hall of Fame. Each correct answer and each experience gives them one point. Visitors can also share their experiences from different game activities with friends, which creates opportunities for viral spread.

“Stockholm Sounds is an innovative project that we are proud and pleased to be part of. It gives our passengers an unexpected and exciting experience,” says Michael Persson Gripkow, chief commercial and marketing officer at Swedavia.

Sound experiences at Stockholm Arlanda

At the airport, there are also two sound installations in Terminal 5, developed by the sound artist Håkan Lidbo. All passengers can visit the installations, but app users will know about them ahead of time. One is “Sound Walkway”, in which a sound is played or a short musical loop can be heard as someone walks along the marked route. The music tempo is controlled by the person walking faster or slower.

The second installation is “Big Beat”, a gigantic social drum machine with 48 buttons, each of which plays a drum sound when the button is pushed. By pushing several buttons at once, people create a unique rhythm. It is even more fun with one or more friends, since more sounds and rhythms are created.  

Additional installations and experiences around Stockholm

Along with the two installations at Stockholm Arlanda, there are three unique, interactive and challenging installations around Stockholm, also created by Håkan Lidbo. Using the Stockholm Sounds app, people will also find other experiences to discover in the city centre, including one of Stockholm’s biggest sound attractions, a music quiz at some of northern Europe’s best preserved record shops, and a search for sounds and green drinks in Strindberg’s classic Red Room at Bern’s.

Download the app on iTunes.