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Commuter rail service now available at Stockholm Arlanda

2012-12-07, kl. 17:02

On Sunday, commuter train service between Stockholm and Uppsala via Stockholm Arlanda will be launched. The new entrance at the Arlanda Central Station in SkyCity will ready just in time.

On Sunday, December 9, and Monday, December 10, all passengers arriving at SkyCity on the new commuter trains will be welcomed by special airport hosts.

The new train service is a collaboration between Stockholms Lokaltrafik (SL, Stockholm Public Transport) and Upplands Lokaltrafik (UL, Uppsala Public Transport) aimed at improving mass transit and increasing travel across county borders. For Stockholm Arlanda, an important new aspect is that it will be easier to reach the airport from many stations in the commuter train network. When the new service is launched, it will be possible to travel by commuter rail between Uppsala and Älvsjö (south of Stockholm), via Stockholm Arlanda, without changing trains. At peak traffic times, trains will continue all the way to Tumba.

It is planned that commuter trains between Uppsala and Älvsjö will run every half hour, except after 10.00 p.m. and before 9.00 a.m. on weekend mornings, when trains will run every hour. Travel time between Stockholm Central Station and Uppsala will be 55 minutes. Travel time between Stockholm Central Station and Stockholm Arlanda will be 38 minutes, and between Uppsala and Stockholm Arlanda 18 minutes.

Prices, tickets and supplementary fees

UL will continue to sell monthly cards on this route, and SL will have a supplement to the regular SL card. 

Route Price, monthly Price, single tickets
Stockholm-Arlanda SEK 1,090 SEK 125
SEK 1,500 SEK 165

Why a supplementary fee?

As many people have no doubt noticed, passengers who get on or off the train at Arlanda Central Station pay a supplementary fee. If this has not been included on the ticket, it is paid at the exit gate in SkyCity. The fee has no connection to the airport but instead stems from use of the station and rail track and how these were funded when they were constructed in the 1990s.

Arlandabanan, the branch line off the railway between Rosersberg, Arlanda and Odensala, as well as the train stations under the airport, were originally funded by a private consortium consisting of NCC, Alstom, Vattenfall and others, with future ticket revenue as the guarantee.  A-train, the consortium behind the construction (and the Arlanda Express trains), transferred these facilities to the Swedish State when they were completed but in return received sole rights to the track until 2040. When long-distance trains, and now commuter trains too, use the track and station, the supplementary fee goes to the company with sole rights.