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Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport celebrates first year of operation

2013-11-01, kl. 13:47

Today, Friday, Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport celebrates its first anniversary. During the year, it has established itself as an attractive hotel for conferences and events while at the same time, together with Swedavia, developing Stockholm Arlanda as one of Sweden’s best spots for meetings.

Almost a hundred thousand guests have checked in during the first year, everyone from conference attendees, newlyweds and after-work visitors to charter travellers staying overnight to ensure a calm, gentle start to their journey, within walking distance of the gate.

With its geographic location at Stockholm Arlanda, northern Europe’s travel hub, the hotel is very competitive.

“We are driven by our ambition to always offer that little extra so that our guests will continue to come here and discover new innovations. Right now, people can enjoy art from adventure photographer Mattias Klum, eat honey from our own 150,000 bees which we produce ourselves, take a swim in Stockholm Arlanda’s only outdoor pool and start their new life as a married couple here at the hotel, but more is on the way,” says Henrik Berghult, general manager of Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport.