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Christmas travel to peak as early as tomorrow

2016-01-07, kl. 12:56

Air travel is an essential requirement in order for many families to be able to enjoy Christmas together. Already tomorrow, Thursday, air travel will have its biggest day this Christmas season. Almost 450 international flights (take-offs/landings) with holiday travellers will then be carried out at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. For domestic travel, the Christmas peak is as early as today, Wednesday, when close to 230 take-offs and landings with domestic Christmas passengers will be carried out at Sweden’s largest airport.

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is almost the only person who chooses to fly, although he uses a sleigh. But every day until then, the air is filled with expectant travellers. Christmas is still a week away, but today and tomorrow will be just like Christmas when it comes to air travel.

At Stockholm Arlanda, the Christmas holiday is most apparent in the domestic terminal, Terminal 4. Passengers and packages fill the departure hall and aircraft heading to destinations all across Sweden. Domestic Christmas travel has its greatest volume today, Wednesday, and tomorrow, Thursday. This involves some 230 take-offs and landings each day at Stockholm Arlanda. Over the weekend and next week, it is a matter of “just” 150-160 flights each day and only 10 on Christmas Eve. Everyone wants to make room for Santa and his reindeer.

International flights to and from Stockholm peak tomorrow, Thursday, with close to 450 aircraft movements. On Christmas Eve, 240 flights will be carried out.

Swedavia invests in meeting the expectations of all Christmas travellers. For instance, every day until December 22, six additional Christmas hosts will be on hand in Stockholm Arlanda’s international terminal, Terminal 5. They provide information, show people the right way and give tips to passengers.

Swedavia recommends that everyone who is travelling during the Christmas holidays be at the airport well in advance. There are unusually large quantities of baggage and many people who are not used to flying to take care of. It is a good idea to get to the airport a little earlier and take the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with a cup of coffee.

More and more Swedes are choosing to fly. So far this year, air travel is up 7 per cent to just over 35 million passengers flying to or from Swedavia’s ten airports.