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Airlines to move check-in counters in Terminal 2

Check-in desks in Terminal 2, photo
2015-04-15, kl. 17:52

In the past week, a brand-new baggage handling facility has been placed in service at Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s Terminal 2. A new check-in area, located at the junction between Terminals 2 and 3, is part of this facility.

On Friday, April 17, we will begin construction on new check-in counters in Terminal 2. While the work is under way, a number of airlines will have their check-in operations moved to the new counters at the junction between the two terminals.

In the first phase, the following airlines will have check-in operations at the new counters (Counters 51-60):

  • Air Berlin
  • Air France
  • Czech Airlines
  • KLM
  • Niki

The carriers British Airways, Finnair and EasyJet will continue to have check-in at Counters 1-15 in Terminal 2.

If you are taking the express train Arlanda Express to the airport, you will arrive right by the new counters when you take the escalator up from the platform. If you are arriving by car or bus, turn right when you enter the building.