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Environmentally clean vehicles

The airport is working in various ways to increase the share of environmentally clean vehicles, or vehicles that run on renewable fuels, at Stockholm Arlanda. By 2012, all of Swedavia’s vehicles will run on renewable fuel or be classified as “clean”. The same applies to vehicles belonging to other airport-based companies and organisations that operate inside the airport area.

As a result, measures include the improvement of the infrastructure for renewable fuel at Stockholm Arlanda.

Clean vehicles are prioritised at Stockholm Arlanda in a number of ways, including:

  • A separate queue for ecotaxis, in front of the ordinary taxi queue. In this way it is easy for travellers to choose the environmentally best taxi alternative at Stockholm Arlanda. Because of the introduction of such separate queues, the number of ecotaxis has increased at the airport from one per cent in 2005 to more than 80 per cent in 2010. Taxi companies that serve the airport are replacing their taxis with ecotaxis, and this also has a positive effect on the whole region.
  • At Stockholm Arlanda’s parking facilities, the best spaces are reserved for environmentally clean vehicles.
  • There are discounts on permits for clean vehicles driven by other companies and organisations at the airport. A vehicle permit is required if a vehicle is to be used inside the airport fence at Stockholm Arlanda.

Some future targets

  • By 2012, all Swedavia vehicles shall run on renewable fuel or be classified as environmentally clean. The same applies to vehicles driven by other companies and organisations in the airport area. Even today, it is possible to fill up a vehicle with both biogas and ethanol at the airport, but work is under way to improve the infrastructure and thus the availability of renewable fuels at the airport. Airports also use various types of specialised vehicles and machinery that run on diesel fuel. Swedavia is studying the possibility of buying or producing its own biofuel so it can supply a 100 per cent renewable and locally produced vehicle fuel for companies and organisations operating in the area.
  • The airport’s target is that all taxis that serve Stockholm Arlanda shall be ecotaxis by 2011.