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Genuine Italian coffee since 1895. Lavazza, master of the art and science of coffee for more than 120 years, provides their excellent espresso at a number of places at Stockholm Arlanda.

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The family-owned Lavazza's famous coffee is made from two kinds of beans, Arabica and Robusta. The precise balance between sweet, acidic and bitter is what characterises the brand's espresso. Also typical of a perfect espresso are the hazelnut-coloured layer of foam – the "crema" – and the full body.

You don't have to go far to find a genuine Lavazza. In Terminal 5 there's a station in the restaurant Food Market as well as the brand's own café concept located at the end of the terminal by Gate F60. In Terminal 2, there are both a café and an à la carte restaurant. At Lavazza Espression, Lavazza-brand coffee drinks are served in a bar setting, along with the child-friendly babyccino milk drink in different flavours as well as Italian café food such as ciabatta, panini and pasta.

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