Measures to ensure safety at the airport

The health and safety of our passengers is our top priority as air traffic increases again – together we help each other reduce the spread of infection.


Swedavia monitors developments on a daily basis and is in continuous contact with the Public Health Agency of Sweden and other relevant authorities. At our airports, we follow the European Aviation Safety Agency’s guidelines, which were developed to reduce the spread of infection in conjunction with the Covid-19 pandemic. You may therefore see that we have different recommendations at the airport than those in effect in Sweden otherwise.

We want you to wear a face mask in the terminal, and we remind everyone through signs and public announcements to maintain social distances. Our employees work actively with the formation of any queues and ensure that social distances are maintained.

We encourage passengers to check in from home and use self-service machines for baggage, security screening and boarding.

To avoid crowding, we recommend that you see off or greet passengers outside the terminal.

Measures to ensure safety at the airport:

General signs telling people to keep a social distance
Floor decals reminding people to keep a social distance

You see it at check-in, security checkpoints, border control, gate and boarding. 

Hand sanitiser stations in the terminals
Expanded cleaning measures
Blocking of selected seats and tables

We have also made a rearrangement of furniture in waiting areas.

Face masks and protective shields

We would like everyone in the terminal to wear face masks. Our airports have protective shields in mandatory passenger flows such as check-in, security checkpoints and boarding.