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Materiality analysis

Swedavia’s materiality analysis is based on our stakeholder dialogue and has been designed to identify the issues that are most critical to Swedavia’s economic, environmental and social value creation.

Based on relevant global trends and drivers, GRI aspects and Swedavia’s targets and priorities, 47 issues have been outlined inorder to identify the most important areas for creating value in the short and long term.

The issues were assigned a weight based on two perspectives – how they affect Swedavia’s potential to create value and to what degree each issue affects stakeholder views of Swedavia’s value creation. Of the seven main stakeholder groups, customers were assigned the greatest weight.

In the first phase, the different stakeholder groups were represented by key people at Swedavia withgood knowledge and understanding of the stakeholders’ priorities.

Qualitative interviews were then conducted with representatives of the most important stakeholders. For Swedavia’s owner, customers and strategic partners, economic aspects such as financial strength, capacity and socioeconomic value creation are important issues. Similarly, environmental issues were ranked high by these groups. Issues that affect working conditions and the work environment were ranked highest by employees and government authorities.

An active stakeholder dialogue, transparency, safety and security were important for all groups. The findings from the materiality analysis are integrated into Swedavia’s vision and targetsas strategies and practical operations.