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Long-term airport capacity

It is Swedavia’s task to secure and develop Swedish access by air. Significant capital spending projects are therefore under way to enhance the capacity at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport. These are being carried out in view of the sharp passenger growth in recent years. For instance, 40 per cent more passengers fly to and from Stockholm Arlanda today compared to 2010.

Alongside these measures, structured work is under way to determine how the airports should be developed in the long term to meet the need for airport capacity. Given that the lease agreement between the City of Stockholm and Swedavia expires in 2038, airport capacity in Stockholm could change in the long term. Swedavia has therefore initiated a conceptual study of what possible development scenarios there are to meet the need for airport capacity in the Stockholm region in the year 2070.

Swedavia is responsible for the conceptual study and its conclusions, but the Swedish Transport Administration is assisting by providing expertise, mainly because the development of airports is linked to other infrastructure, such as roads and railways.