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Capacity is ensured through an accelerated investment rate

In order to ensure the airports’ long-term capacity and attractiveness, during the year Swedavia prepared for an accelerated rate of investment.

The number of passengers at Swedavia’sairports is expected to increase over time.The increase will mostly take place atairports with many international connections. Swedavia therefore needs to ensuresufficient terminal, gate and runway capacityto meet this growth.

A number of refurbishmentand expansion projects were carried out at the regional airports. At theairports in Kiruna, Luleå and Umeå, this was done through joint funding with theregions affected. Now resources are being concentrated mainly on StockholmArlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport. 

Alongside measuresto increase capacity, Swedavia is alsoincreasing opportunities to develop the atmosphere at the airports and enhance the commercial offering in the form of moreshops, cafés and restaurants.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

In December 2013, Swedavia decided onits approach to the long-term developmentof Stockholm Arlanda Airport. A total of13 billion kronor will be invested through 2043, with seven billion of this beinginvested through 2023. In the first phase,resources will be concentrated on meetingthe increased demand for internationalconnections with a new pier in Terminal 5. During the year, an investment was made ina new baggage facility in Terminal 2, and anew multi-storey parking facility was completed.

Swedavia also intends to invest threeto four billion kronor in developing propertiesadjacent to the airport. Such capitalspending can generate a return through thesale of properties and be reinvested in thedevelopment of the airports.

Göteborg Landvetter Airport

Göteborg Landvetter Airport recentlycompleted a major refurbishment, but heretoo, investment in increased capacity isnecessary in the long term. Measures completedduring the year include the openingof the terminal area between domestic and Schengen traffic, thus improving use of the building. Going forward, new logistics properties will be developed adjacent to the airport, and commercial space will be expanded in the long term.

Bromma Stockholm Airport

The investments that Swedavia is making at Bromma Stockholm Airport are being carried out in compliance with the requirements that the SwedishTransport Agency has placed on operations.In addition, investments to improve the atmosphere at the airport are also being carried out.