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Connect Sweden – vital collaboration for additional direct routes and increased access

It is in the mutual interest of the private and public sector that Sweden and the Stockholm region are competitive and attractive so that people will want to live and carry out activities here. So, since October 2013, Swedavia has taken part in the initiative Connect Sweden, a collaboration involving the business community, public sector organisations, the City of Stockholm, the region and other key stakeholders.

Connect Sweden – vital collaboration for additional direct routes and increased access

The region’s good macroeconomic performance should attract new non-stop routes to Sweden, bolster Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s role as a hub for Nordic air transport and thus enhance the region’s and the country’s long-term competitiveness. With this collaboration, there is better potential to market Sweden as a destination abroad.

Stockholm - the fastest growing capital in Europe

Stockholm is currently one of the fastest growing capitals in Europe, and Stockholm Arlanda Airport is well positioned to handle increased international traffic. At the same time, only 16 per cent of intercontinental trips from Stockholm Arlanda Airport are nonstop to the passenger’s final destination. Since 2002, Sweden’s direct air connections have deteriorated relative to neighbouring countries, and Stockholm’s global ranking in the category “City Gateway” has fallen from 17 to 22.

Substantial passenger growth in 2013 at Arlanda

A clear indicator of the region’s attractiveness is Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s substantial passenger growth in 2013 compared with the other major Nordic airports. As many as seven new intercontinental routes were established at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. It is rare to have so many new intercontinental routes established at the same airport in one year. Connect Sweden is intended to maintain this trend to the greatest extent possible.

At least five new international non-stop routes from Arlanda within three years

The ultimate objective is to establish at least five new international non-stop routes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to elsewhere in Europe, North America and Asia within three years. New direct routes are defined as destinations for which there are no flights to/from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. This venture maintains and enhances Stockholm’s position as a growth engine, creates new jobs in Stockholm and Sweden, cuts travel time and reduces the environmental load.

A similar initiative was launched at Göteborg Landvetter Airport through the project Go:Connect. The findings in the report produced within the scope of the project indicate that ten new routes to Göteborg Landvetter Airport would provide 1.3 billion Swedish kronor in direct benefits to passengers and the region.

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