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The role of the air travel industry

The air travel industry and the access that air travel creates today contribute more than 130 billion Swedish kronor annually to Swedish GDP , according to Oxford Economics. Air travel also generates direct tax revenue of more than nine billion kronor annually. Air travel also contributes significantly to employment throughout Sweden.

The air travel industry and the passengers who landat Swedish airports create over 180,000jobs in Sweden. Over the next five years, itis estimated that the expected development of Swedish access will create an additional 20,000 jobs.That means air travel within as well as toand from Sweden is a crucial factor contributing to increased GDP and employment in the years ahead.

The air travel industry also has considerableresponsibility in the environmental field.Over the past few decades, major technologicaladvances have brought a reductionin the environmental impact of air travel.This trend is expected to continue, withinvestments in modern aircraft fleets andgradual phase-in of renewable fuels beingimportant milestones.