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Our employees

Being able to recruit and retain engaged employees with the right competencies and interest in growing is crucial to Swedavia’s success. Our objective is to provide a workplace where all employees have good conditions for successfully carrying out their duties, further developing their competencies and advancing in their career.

Employee satisfaction at Swedavia continues to progress in the right direction. During the year, the level improved from 80 to 84per cent. Efforts continue in selected areas to further enhanceSwedavia’s potential to attract and retain employees.

More satisfied employees and increased engagement

Employeeship at Swedavia is characterised by participation andengagement. In the 2014 employee survey, a level of 84 per centemployee satisfaction (ESI) was achieved, which indicates that thework environment continues to improve.

The response rate washigh, and survey results are monitored on a continuous basis inall working groups. Action plans for improvement are developedtogether with employees. Continuous improvement work in collaborationwith employees creates conditions for increasing and maintaininga good work environment and a high level of engagement.

Leadership in development

Swedavia wants courageous, clear leaders at every level. So work is continuously carried out, based on Swedavia’s values, to furtherdevelop leadership. During the year, new training courses inSwedavia’s leadership programme were implemented. A shorter programmewas also introduced aimed at employees with a leader rolein operations. Swedavia’s leadership is characterised by a communicativeapproach. Therefore, during the year, a special dialogue tool foreffective communication was developed. The results from the year’semployee survey showed progress, with increased trust in leaders atall levels, from first line managers to the executive management.

Effective provision of competencies

During the year, Swedavia implemented a new model for roles andpositions as well as its Competency Terminal for system support.The model ensures relevant and transparent requirements for whatcompetencies are needed for the different roles in the company.

Each role is associated with compulsory training and qualifications, which help make the provision of competencies in the company more effective. In 2015, Swedavia will launch a trainee programme and continue the development work with a focus on increased engagement and thus higher performance.

Improved health and work environment

Work goes on at all hours of the day at an airport, and manyenvironmentsare physically or mentally demanding for employees.In 2014, Swedavia continued its systematic work with the workenvironment with a focus on ensuring a safe, secure workplacewith a high level of well-being.

One way is to work actively with occupational rehabilitation. Great emphasis is placed on measures in conjunction with repeated absence due to illness. It is also a matter of preventing employees as far as is possiblefrom having to take an extended leave of absence. If an employeegoes on sick leave, the objective is to have the employee returnto work as quickly as possible, so each employee has health careand rehabilitation insurance.

Active and inclusive diversity work

People of different ages and different genders from many different cultures and religions and with different sexual orientations work at Swedavia’s airports. Swedavia’s view is that differences between people add value and open up new opportunities. The Group therefore carries out active diversity work with an inclusive approach, which is also an investment in a business advantage. Swedavia has zero tolerance for bullying, harassment and discrimination and has developed procedures for countering such behaviour.

To increase awareness of ethical issues, these are addressed in training programmes for new employees and managers.The Group also takes a diversity perspective in its selectionof suppliers and in the procurement of staffing services. Specific requirements ensure that Swedavia and its suppliers share a perspective on these issues.