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Code of conduct

A corporate culture that is founded on ethicalguidelines is the basis for satisfied employees.

To support the direction of day-to-day operationsand as support for our employees, there is also a Code of Conduct, which compiles Swedavia’s Group-wide ethical guidelines. The training programme “Welcome to Swedavia”, which allemployees complete, includes an introductionon this.

In 2014, a whistleblower function was also introduced, where employees at Swedavia’s airports can report irregularities. To handle any such cases, an Ethics Committee was setup, which consists of a chief legal officer, an internal audit manager and a chief negotiator. The committee convenes as needed and at least twice a year. In addition, a compulsory on line training programme for all managers, “Swedavia’s bribery policy and guidelines for external business entertainment”, was launched during the year.