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Social development

Swedavia’s work in social development is aimed mainly atcreating the access Sweden needs.

Swedavia gives priorityto passenger safety and security and to developing a sustainable work environment and satisfied employees. We comply with the social responsibility requirements specified in the Swedish State’s ownership policy.

Access is a social benefit

Our objective is for Swedavia to always take an active role insociety. Creating access through good air links, especiallydirect routes, is one of our most important tasks. We therefore work in different ways with our partners to facilitate travel,meetings and business. In collaboration with other transportmodes, we also work to increase the proportion of people who take mass transit to and from our airports. In that way,we help create workplaces as well as economic and socialdevelopment, for the various regions of Sweden and for thecountry as a whole.

Plans for increased access

Increased access, both in the offering of destinations andthrough better solutions for mass transit to and from theairports, is a strategic challenge.

Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers

Employee satisfaction shall continue to develop in a positivedirection. This shall be done through continued work tocreate employee engagement and participation in operationsand to develop the corporate culture that we want to beintegral to operations. We also work for an inclusive organisationwith increased diversity and, through training and monitoring,to prevent harassment and discrimination in all areas.

High level of safety and security

Swedavia’s airports are characterised by a high awarenessof safety and security, with aviation safety and security beingthe highest priority. Swedavia takes part nationally andinternationally in the work to develop regulations that can beeffectively implemented in operations and ensure or increasethe level of safety. Systematic work with methods and customercare shall help make people feel safe at Swedavia’sairports while at the same time improving both efficiency andcustomer satisfaction.