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Swedavia’s environmental and energy policy

Aims and objectives

Swedavia owns, operates and develops airports and properties close to these airports. We continually strive to improve our management system in order to reduce our environmental impact and use resources in a sustainable way.

This is to be done primarily by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimising other emissions to air and emissions on water, reducing the use of chemicals and the generation of waste, and working continually for more efficient energy use.

For us, it is a matter of course to comply with environmental and energy laws in force as well as other applicable national and international regulations and requirements. It is also a matter of course that we ensure access to the information and resources needed to achieve our environmental and energy objectives. We also work to limit aviation noise and emissions from airport operations.

Basic rules

To achieve this, we need to work by applying the following basic rules:

  • Concern for the environment shall be an integral part of all operations and be taken into consideration in every decision.
  • Climate change is the most important environmental issue for the aviation and the real estate industries and shall be given priority in our decisions and activities
  • We shall continually make our own operations more energy-efficient and manage them to achieve sustainable use of resources and affect other companies and organisations that we cooperate with.
  • Every Swedavia employee shall be involved in our environmental and energy work.
  • We shall assess and manage environmental risks and energy performance in a systematic way.
  • Swedavia shall take an active part in local, regional, national and international work aimed at reducing the negative environmental impact of the aviation industry and work for the sustainable development of its airports.