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International role model with climate-smart airports

At Swedavia, we decided early on to be really good at environmental issues in our operational area, that is, running airports. Today we are an international role model in developing climate-smart airports, while at the same time we look to collaborate on environmental matters beyond our operations, for instance, with the aviation sector.

The focus of Swedavia’s environmental work is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, minimise energy use and reduce emissions into the atmosphere and discharges into watercourses from our own operations. We also work systematically with aviation noise issues.
Swedavia’s environmental objectives

In addition to these concrete steps, we take a broader sector approach to environmental issues. We look at the overall environmental impact of air travel and are a strong driving force in the work focused on aviation emissions and noise exposure.
Aviation and its environmental impact

Climate work at the highest level

Swedavia was one of the first major Swedish companies that decided, in 2006, to become climate-neutral. That means operations today are carried out without any negative impact on global climate change. During the year, we have taken a number of important steps to take responsibility for our environmental impact.
Climate-neutral company

All ten Swedavia airports included in Sweden’s national basic infrastructure have been certified at the highest level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) programme. Based on this international standard, Swedavia is thus the airport group that has come farthest in the world in its work to develop climate-smart airports.
World-class climate work