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Prequalification of suppliers

A new procedure at Swedavia involves the use of a prequalification system, TransQ, when we buy goods and services under the Swedish Act on Public Procurement of Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services (LUF).

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For procurement that exceeds threshold amounts, Swedavia uses the prequalification system TransQ. TransQ is an Internet-based supplier register and prequalification system operated by the company Achilles on behalf of the leading Nordic transport organisations.

By using TransQ, we have a faster, more efficient procurement process, since the suppliers included in TransQ have been checked and approved as suppliers to Swedavia.

Calls to submit tenders for planned procurement in excess of threshold amounts are advertised once a year in a generally available database in Sweden and in the EU database TED. The advertisement includes a list of all goods, services and business contracts Swedavia may procure.  

A normal qualification process for adding new suppliers to the qualification register takes up to four weeks from the time a qualification request is submitted. An annual administrative fee is charged for being registered in TransQ.

If you have any questions about this or would like your company to qualify as a potential Swedavia supplier, please contact Achilles.