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Swedavia Procurement

Swedavia purchases goods and services for roughly 3 billion Swedish kronor each year. Swedavia Procurement is a corporate level function for the entire group entrusted with the task of contributing to Swedavia's profitability and sustainability via an efficient, centralised procurement process.

Swedavia Procurement

As a State-owned company, Swedavia is also to be a role model for sustainable development. In every tender, we want our suppliers and any subcontractor they might use to meet a number of criteria in environmental performance, quality, and safety and security. Swedavia's Code of Conduct for suppliers describes the most important areas for responsible conduct.

Since we place demands on our suppliers, they should be able to have confidence in us as a customer. We shall have a good understanding of our purchases and relations with suppliers through statistics and monitoring. We shall maintain good ethics in our procurement work.

We are also a project-intensive company with a strong customer focus and we are constantly striving to improve. We set high standards for ourselves and therefore our suppliers are also carefully selected. Together we will work to ensure that our projects are implemented at the right time and at the right cost.

Our suppliers are important to us and crucial to our success and our growth. Our ambition is to have rewarding and stimulating supplier relationships, based on trust and reciprocity, that benefit both parties.