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Focus on the customer

Swedavia has three customer groups: passengers, airlines and tenants. Passengers are the primary group. 

The objective is to increase passenger satisfaction from 69 (2012) to 80 per cent by 2014.
Satisfied passengers are the foundation of all our business. We work on a continuous basis with airlines and regions to develop air routes at all airports.

  • We provide services and products that make things easier for passengers in connection with their flight.
  • Our airports shall be seen as being safe and secure and meet the high standards set for efficiency and sustainability.
  • Our airports comply with all regulations and requirements for safety, security and the environment.
  • Our airports provide uniform basic functions such as fresh, clean airports with smooth, efficient passenger flows and good customer service.
  • We develop attractive airports and exciting destinations, shops and restaurants with an inspiring environment in the terminals. The aim is to attract our customers, thereby contributing to that wonderful feeling associated with travel.