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Sustainability constitutes the foundation of our operations and strategy since sustainable actions both enhance our long-term competitiveness and are an essential requirement for the future of air travel.

This sustainability perspective is integral to all of Swedavia.It is the basis of operations 

  • The strategy is formulated and objectives are set based on different aspects of sustainability
  • Business decisions, critical choices and activities are determined and designed based on sustainability objectives
  • Since sustainability is an essential requirement for the future of air travel and enhances competitiveness, there are objectives set for all the different aspects of this sustainability perspective

Swedavia's sustainability wheel

Our sustainability wheel illustrates our management model, under which wework with all three sustainability dimensions – social development, economy andenvironmental concern – together with our putting the focus on customers. This is sustainable development for Swedavia.

In each sustainability perspective, wehave concrete strategies and measurable targets that set the course for bothmanagement and communication. The targets are then broken down in operationsand made concrete through activities. The targets and activities are monitored on acontinuous basis in terms of achievement of those targets and changes in the world.Targets and activities are reviewed on a quarterly basis through function controls.