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Targets with high ambitions

Swedavia’s operations are managed with the help of sustainability targets. Swedavia has four such overall targets to meet by 2020. In addition, Swedavia reports on fi ve task targets/ indicators each year.

Targets with high ambitions

Since 2011, Swedavia has four general sustainability targets. Three of these are determined by the company’s Board of Directors, while the overall economic target refl ects the owner’s approach.

In addition to the profitability target of a seven per cent return on operating capital, there is also a capital structure target with the debt/equity ratio equal to 1.0–1.5 times and a dividend target of 30–50 per cent of profi t for the year. The current economic targets were adopted, together with the task targets/indicators, at Swedavia’s 2014 Annual General Meeting. The task targets/indicators are aimed at ensuring that Swedavia, in accordance with its task, helps to achieve Sweden’s transport policy goals.

The work carried out to achieve the sustainability targets in one dimension affects the work in all the others. For instance, satisfi ed employees are an essential requirement for satisfi ed passengers, which in turn affects the potential for commercial revenue, which is important for Swedavia’s return

Profitability is an essential requirement for developing all operations, especially in environmental efforts. In the same way, proactive environmental work is an essential requirement for the airports’ chances of long-term development relative to other sustainability and task targets.

One key requirement for achieving the targets in every area is Swedavia’s working together with its partners, such as airlines and airport suppliers.

Passenger satisfaction by airport, 2015

Bromma Stockholm Airport 72 % (68)

Göteborg Landvetter Airport 79 % (80)

Kiruna Airport 77 % (76)

Luleå Airport 85 % (85)

Malmö Airport 75 % (71)

Ronneby Airport 79 % (82)

Stockholm Arlanda Airport 75 % (75)

Umeå Airport 79 % (78)

Visby Airport 81 % (86)

Åre Östersund Airport 90 % (89)

Swedavia’s weighted customer satisfaction outcome for 2015 was 76 per cent (75). The positive trend is based on focused work aimed at improving the atmosphere, customer service, cleanliness, smooth fl ows and affordability of shops and restaurants. All these factors have a signifi cant impact on passenger satisfaction.

Swedavia's targets

Sustainability targets 2020 Actual 2011-2015
85 % satisfied passengers 68 % 68 % 73 % 75 % 76 %
85 % satisfied employees 64 % 76 % 80 % 84 % 86 %
7 % return on operating capital 7,6 % 7,4 % 7,1 % 10,3 % 14,5 %
0 ton carbon dioxide emissions* 4,6 5,4 3,8 3,1 3,1

* The general environmental target of 0 tonnes of fossil carbon dioxide emissions applies to Swedavia’s own operations. 

Task targets/indicators actual 2015 (2014)

Satisfied passengers

76 % (75 %)

Number of passengers domestic/international

13,3 million/ 24,3 million(13,1 million/ 22,6 million)

Number of international destinations 

323 (320)

Carbon footprint

457 000 tonnes (446 200 tonnes)**

Accidents and serious incidents

4 (5)

**The carbon footprint task target is not included in the auditor’s review report.