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Swedavia creates value

Swedavia creates value for its customers, that is,passengers, airlines and tenants, by combining accessto infrastructure with direct services provided by thecompany itself as well as indirect services throughstrategic partnerships with tenants, partners and customers. Swedavia invests in necessary aviationinfrastructure, commercial properties, its own employeesand environmental measures.

Swedavia creates value

The inputs Swedavia needs to create value are found in threeareas. One area is capital, tangible and intangible, which makesit possible to develop and fund operations.

Next are the suppliers that contribute services and goods which supplement and strengthen the value chain. The third resource is employees, whocontribute physical inputs and competencies. Swedavia’s integral sustainability perspective is the basis of its value chain.

Through economies of scale, developed competencies inboth customer behaviour and airport operations in general,and strategic partnerships, Swedavia can provide value to all of its customer groups.

Real estate operations create value by generating some of the investment capital needed to ensureSwedish airport capacity and further develop business.Swedavia’s combined business is based on competitivecharges for those that use the infrastructure. This makes airportsmore attractive to airlines and in that way helps to driveincreased travel, which, in the next step, generates higherrevenue in other operational areas.

Swedavia creates value for:

Passengers – through access to a modern airport that istailored to its customers, with attractive destinations and a largecommercial offering. This is based on close cooperation withcompanies and organisations that serve and operate at theairports.

Airlines – through access to modern, smoothly functioningairports with competitive charges, located in attractive destinations.This drives increased passenger flows for airlines and thusprofitability.

Tenants – through access to functional and attractive premisesfor retail, food & beverage, offices, warehouses and logistics.

If Swedavia runs operations successfully and profitably, this creates value at the national level. The company’s owner, the Swedish State, gets a good return on the capital invested. Swedavia also links regions together and connects Sweden to the rest of the world. As a result, space is created for meetings and business opportunities, which leads to social development, new jobs and increased tax revenue.