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Strategies for sustainable development

Sustainability is an integral part of our operations andstrategies. At the same time, sustainability is a guidingprinciple in all of Swedavia’s functions and is embeddedthroughout our value chain. Our ability to think and actsustainably is fundamental to our future as a companyand so that we can continue to create value for ourstakeholders and for society in general.

Strategies for sustainable development

Sustainable development a strategic focus

Sustainable development

Swedavia’s strategic focus is based on three dimensions of sustainability – social development, economy and environmentalconcern – combined with our putting a focus on customers.Together, these four perspectives form Swedavia’s sustainabilitywheel, which in turn constitutes the basis of Swedavia’s managementand communication at all levels.

Our choice of strategic focus accords well with our materiality analysis, which indicates that issues concerning access, financial performance, the environment,employees and safety/product responsibility are mostimportant today to our stakeholders.

Our sustainability wheel illustrates our management model, under which wework with all three sustainability dimensions – social development, economy andenvironmental concern – together with our putting the focus on customers.

Strategic Priorities


Swedavia’s most important customers are passengers, airlines andtenants, with passengers being our primary customer group. With afocus on customers, we create the right business controls to bringabout satisfied customers as well as profitable business developmentin our operations.

Business development with a focus on customers

Passengers are our most important customer group, and satisfiedcustomers are our priority. We develop the commercial space inour terminals, based on demand, in order to offer an attractiveselection of goods and services that enhance the travel experience.To meet the growing demand for both air travel and cargo, majorinvestments are needed in buildings and other infrastructure. This isespecially true for the information technology required to link differentoperations and the conditions necessary for good punctuality,increased access and economic efficiency.

Future demand

One strategic challenge is to understand what air travel will look likein the future and what travellers will want. That governs the configurationof our terminals. We must therefore create flexible environmentsthan can be continually adapted to new needs.


Swedavia shall develop airports in a sustainable way based onsound business principles. This means that we shall developoperations through good investment planning and operationalefficiency that are profitable in the long term while creating value forour customers.

Broader funding

Our operations are long-term, capital-intensive and run basedon sound business principles. Access to capital is an importantstrategic issue for Swedavia, in order to ensure the company’s continuedfavourable performance. We have strong cash flow today,which funds most of our investment needs. The company’s ownreal estate operations can also contribute to increased investment.

Today Swedavia owns properties in attractive locations at and around the airports. These properties will be developed in differentways and then sold or leased, depending on their location and use.Together, they provide financial strength which enables fundingof other priority projects that help increase the attractiveness andaccess of the airports.

Coordination and efficiency

Swedavia shall achieve long-term stable profitability. Because operations are capital-intensive, cost structures must be as flexible as possible, while we continuously try to improve operational efficiency by identifying opportunities for coordinationand economies of scale.

Continued capital spending

Over the next decade, Swedavia will be making significant investments to increase capacity and customer value.

Environmental awareness

Swedavia works to reduce its own environmental impact witha focus on fossil carbon dioxide and is a driver in reducingthe environmental impact of a passenger’s entire journey.To be successful, significant technological advances and collaboration between businesses, researchers and political leaders are needed. One of the most critical issues is accessto renewable fuel.

Zero emissions

One of Swedavia’s sustainability targets is to have zero fossilcarbon dioxide emissions in its own operations by 2020.

Social development

Swedavia’s work in social development is aimed mainly atcreating the access Sweden needs. Swedavia gives priorityto passenger safety and security and to developing a sustainable work environment and satisfied employees. We comply with the social responsibility requirements specified in the Swedish State’s ownership policy.

Access is a social benefit

Our objective is for Swedavia to always take an active role insociety. Creating access through good air links, especially direct routes, is one of our most important tasks. We therefore work in different ways with our partners to facilitate travel, meetings and business. In collaboration with other transport modes, we also work to increase the proportion of peoplewho take mass transit to and from our airports. In that way, we help create workplaces as well as economic and social development, for the various regions of Sweden and for the country as a whole. 

Plans for increased access

Increased access, both in the offering of destinations andthrough better solutions for mass transit to and from theairports, is a strategic challenge.

Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers

Employee satisfaction shall continue to develop in a positive direction. This shall be done through continued work tocreate employee engagement and participation in operations and to develop the corporate culture that we want to beintegral to operations. We also work for an inclusive organisationwith increased diversity and, through training and monitoring, to prevent harassment and discrimination in all areas.

High level of safety and security

Swedavia’s airports are characterised by a high awareness of safety and security, with aviation safety and security being the highest priority. Swedavia takes part nationally and internationally in the work to develop regulations that can beeffectively implemented in operations and ensure or increase the level of safety. Systematic work with methods and customercare shall help make people feel safe at Swedavia’s airports while at the same time improving both efficiency and customer satisfaction.