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Our values

We have based our work to create a truly sustainable Swedavia on our vision and our values. These values have been developed on the basis of what characterises Swedavia, how we want ourselves to be viewed and how different stakeholders such as employees, unions, customers and our owner see us. 


We develop the way we work in order to live up to expectations, and we keep our promises to customers and employees. We concentrate on safety and security, quality and sustainability, and we take responsibility for our environment. Swedavia shall be a trustworthy partner as well as an attractive and sustainable employer.


We are dedicated to our customers and their needs, and are always working to find a solution for the customer. We are committed to one another as colleagues. As a leader, we give priority to developing our employees. Our employees’ commitment is crucial to developing Swedavia.


We are continuously developing our company – our relationships, businesses, employees and our leadership. We capitalise on the creativity of people and everyone’s ideas to always become better. We want to lead development. Together we create conditions to move from word to deed.


We always give a warm welcome, in ways both large and small. We meet other people with an open attitude and a curious mind. We welcome diversity – it develops us. Swedavia is the obvious choice as a meeting place, airport and workplace. We represent a welcoming feel.