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Property development – for a vibrant airport city

There is a growing need to develop Swedavia’s airports given the increasing number of passengers. By providing good mass transit near the airports at the same time, conditions are created for growth, jobs and local entrepreneurship.

Property development – for a vibrant airport city

Various projects are currently under way at Swedavia to develop the area around our airports into so-called airport cities. This phenomenon can be found in many places around the world, and airport cities have been established at a number of international airports.

In conjunction with Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s increasing growth as a hub for the Nordic air transport market, there is growing interest in developing the land around the airport. The area around Stockholm Arlanda Airport is one of Sweden’s most important communication centres and an important junction for the entire Mälardalen valley. The airport area is suitable for property development thanks to its connections to the rest of the country and the short distance to central Stockholm.

Our vision is to create a regional, national and international airport city with a vibrant city core and attractive work areas. There are currently about 20,000 people working at or adjacent to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, but given the pace of Stockholm’s growth, according to our estimates it is possible that this figure will be 50,000 as early as 2030.

For companies, the location at the airport provides good infrastructure within walking distance to the rest of the world. The airport’s potential and the companies’ needs create good opportunities to together develop an airport city inspired by international models.

One project that has begun is the SkyCity Office complex, which will consist of a number of buildings with a total of more than 20,000 square metres of floor space. SkyCity Office One, designed by the architect Thomas Sandell, will be the first office building constructed in the complex.

Similar work focused on developing an airport city at Göteborg Landvetter Airport has also been launched.