Office One

Here is the first building in the new office complex at Stockholm Arlanda. From Office One, you walk quickly and easily into SkyCity and the airport.
Vision image of Office One  indoor sketch

We’re developing Sweden’s first true airport city, Airport City Stockholm, adjacent to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. That’s where we’re building Office One, with 15,000 square metres of office space. Companies and other operations here will interact with the rest of the world in a vibrant city setting with good transport options.

Bringing the world closer to your operations

With an office in Office One, you’ll bring the world closer to your operations and your operations closer to the world. Both Stockholm and Uppsala are located within commuting distance. The nearby airport offers transport links to the rest of Sweden and to the rest of the world.

Attractive area with accelerating growth

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is growing by leaps and bounds. Some 17,000 people already work here. In addition, 25 million travellers pass through the airport each year. The number of employees and passengers increases year after year. 

  • By 2030, nearly 50,000 people are expected to be working in the new airport city
  • By 2040, the number of passengers is expected to reach almost 40 million

In the years ahead, Stockholm and Uppsala are expected to merge into one urban area, when Airport City Stockholm will be the natural hub and obvious point of departure to the rest of the world.

Try having your office here

If you’re curious about having an office at the airport, you now have the opportunity to try it out. We’re lending out premises in SkyCity, if you want to give it a try. Call us at +46 (0)10-109 89 00 and we’ll tell you more. 

Experience the environment right now – take a virtual tour. 

Office One brochure, PDF, 5 Mb

Example of floor layout, PDF, 93 kB

Comfort Hotel

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is growing, and the large Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport is being built in the new district taking shape adjacent to the airport. The hotel is expected to have around 24,000 square metres of space divided into a base section with a lobby, a higher section with 13 storeys and a lower section with 10 storeys, providing a total of 503 rooms.
Ett hotell med människor i förgrunden

Stockholm Arlanda Airport will be the leading airport in Scandinavia. Swedavia is now investing billions of Swedish kronor to meet the continued growth in passengers, and construction is already under way.

Alongside the development of the airport, Swedavia is developing a new district immediately adjacent to the airport, where the new hotel is being built. The hotel will be the largest airport hotel in the Nordic countries and will be operated by Nordic Choice Hotels. Construction is expected to be completed in early 2020 and ready for hotel guests to check in.

The new hotel is being built immediately adjacent to the terminals and Sky City, with its wide range of shops and restaurants. The hotel will be a modern alternative to business hotels at the airport and offer everyday luxury.

Stockholm Arlanda will have a true hotel rebel to offer its passengers with this Comfort Hotel. The chain has done away with all unnecessary details and instead focuses on good service, urbane, social spaces and a nice mix of both business and leisure passengers. The hotel will have a combined lobby and lounge, two restaurants and a sky bar with a view of aircraft taking off and landing.

A modern airport city is taking shape

The Stockholm region is growing, and so too is commerce. More and more businesses need new areas to set up operations in. At the same time, there is a desire to concentrate operations in well-developed corporate parks with good services and access.
Stockholm Arlanda Airport in 2040

A modern airport city is taking shape around Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The vision is to create a vibrant city centre with green areas and attractive job opportunities with exceptional access to the region, elsewhere in Sweden and the whole world.

Sustainable, commercial and urban

Some 30,000 people work here, 200 companies have set up operations at the airport and nearly 25 million passengers passed through the area in 2016.
The aim of the new city airport is to be sustainable, commercially viable, nearby, urban and ecologically-minded, which makes the project the only urban development project of its kind in the world. At Swedavia Real Estate, we are contributing to the development of this city in part through a number of different real estate projects, both under our own management and together with partners at different levels and in different constellations.

Airport City Gothenburg

The first shovels have hit the ground for what will be western Sweden’s first Airport City. This will be the location for logistics operations, commercial activities, attractions and retail offerings, businesses and offices, and hotel and conference facilities. Over two million square metres of space is available.
Vision imageAirport city Landvetter

The airport city now taking shape is located where all roads come together. Since it is being built adjacent to Göteborg Landvetter Airport, it will be a port to Scandinavia.

High-speed rail between the two biggest cities in western Sweden

Construction is planned for a 60 km-long two-track high-speed railway between Borås and Gothenburg. The Gothenburg-Borås route is also a link to the new main line between Stockholm and Gothenburg via Jönköping.

Quick, convenient and environmentally friendly

The new railway between Gothenburg and Borås will pass through a tunnel under Göteborg Landvetter Airport. It will be easy for passengers to get from an underground station to the departure and arrival halls via a lift or escalator – a great environmentally-friendly alternative for getting to and from the airport. 

The rail network throughout the region can be developed

One essential requirement for the new railway between Gothenburg and Borås is the West Link, a new 8 km-long commuter rail link through Gothenburg, largely through tunnels. With the West Link, the rail network throughout the region can be developed. More people will be able to commute more quickly and conveniently with fewer transfers.  

1.5 million visitors in the future

Some 1,200,000 people live within 40 minutes of Airport City. That number is expected to grow to 1,750,000 by 2030. And every person is a potential visitor to Airport City, whether for work or leisure. 

Cargo City

Arlanda is an important gateway to Scandinavia for air cargo. The new Cargo City is approximately 150,000 square meters of cargo and logistic buildings
Vision image over Cargo City Arlanda

Via Stockholm Arlanda Airport, 250,000 tonnes of cargo is carried by air per year. DHL, FedEx, Korean Air Cargo, TNT, Turkish Airlines Cargo, UPS och JetPak are some examples of the major players which are already established here.

The Stockholm region’s growth combined with the new Cargo City makes this one of the most unique and interesting sites for cargo and logistics businesses in Scandinavia.

Cargo City – 150,000 square meters

The new Cargo City is approximately 150,000 square metres of cargo and logistics buildings in the southern part of the airport. Security of of course important and therefore the area is therefore designed to meet the needs of both today and tomorrow.

Cargo City will be placed within a Freight Zone which means that all goods that are transported into the area are controlled in accordance with future regulations from, for example, the U.S. aviation authority.
Development plan for Cargo City.

Logistic City

Welcome to Logistic City – a place for mixed international operations and with opportunities for companies large and small to be seen in an excellent location immediately adjacent to the E4 motorway.

Logistic City is part of Airport City Stockholm. The area, which covers 100 hectares, is a developable and flexible meeting place for trade, industry, road user services, workshop premises and logistics, strategically located along the corridor between Stockholm Arlanda Airport and the E4 motorway. There are opportunities here for your company to gain access to the rapid growth of Arlanda City in order to expand and develop in a sustainable, fast-growing environment.

Logistic City consists of two areas

Logistic City consists of two areas. Logistic City 1 is the portal and is planned for road user services such as hotels, restaurants, vehicle service and fuelling stations. There is also space here for businesses, retail operations, light industry, technology buildings for a data campus and more. Logistic City 2 is an extension of the land already planned and will house, for instance, the future Air Cargo facilities. The area has easy access to all transport modes and constitutes the perfect platform for freight forwarders, transporters in freight and air cargo, and large logistics companies.

An ideal base and an attractive workplace environment

With its strategic location and signage facing the E4 motorway, Logistic City is an ideal base for outward-looking small and medium-sized Swedish and international commercial enterprises in many sectors such as construction, fashion, leisure, transport and more – companies that want to be part of Airport City’s growth ambitions and reach both the Stockholm and Uppsala markets. We also offer land and buildings for multi-tenant properties for skilled trades and industry as well as shops that serve these professionals. Setting up operations in Logistic City means having an attractive work environment and a workplace that is easy to reach, with pleasant residential areas in Märsta within biking distance.