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Unemployed youths to get internships at Sweden’s airports

2014-02-04, kl. 09:06

Swedavia and the Swedish Public Employment Service are now launching a partnership to reduce unemployed youths’ distance from the labour market. The aim is to provide 100 internships at the airport in 2014. As a result, young people will gain important tools and experience to take with them as they continue their working life.

Many unemployed youths today are far removed from the Swedish labour market. Often the reason is that they lack basic work experience, combined with the fact that they have few contacts to get future jobs. So Swedavia, together with the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen), is now launching a partnership intended to provide one hundred internships across Sweden. The hope is that, with this experience, the interns will increase their employment potential.

“By taking part in solutions to important social issues, we want to contribute to positive development in the regions we operate in. This commitment also creates opportunities to provide even better service to passengers at our airports,” says Torborg Chetkovich, chief executive of Swedavia.

“It is very positive that employers like Swedavia make internships with supervision of this scope available. We know from experience that an internship can be the step that leads to a job and self-sufficiency,” says Clas Olsson, acting director-general of the Swedish Public Employment Service.

The internships last for three months and are aimed at long-term unemployed youths included in the agency’s job or development guarantee programmes for young people as well as youths at risk of being long-term unemployed if they do not get such work. The number of interns at each of Swedavia’s ten airports will be determined based on the airport’s potential to provide good supervision. The partnership also involves enhancing the skills of employment officers by providing knowledge about professions and career paths at Swedavia. This is to ensure that efficient matches are made in order to meet the labour demand anticipated over the coming years.