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Umeå Airport honoured for its importance to regional growth

2012-11-09, kl. 15:30

Each year a gala is held in Umeå in order to showcase successful initiatives that promote business in the region. In conjunction with this year’s gala, which was held yesterday, Umeå Airport won the award of Main Partner of the Year for its efforts.

Among the factors noted in the citation for the award, which is presented jointly by Norrporten, Umeå University, Malmö Aviation, Swedbank, PwC and Tyréns, are the airport’s dedication to environmental thinking and its role as a key piece of the puzzle for continued growth in the region. It was also mentioned that volume at the airport will exceed one million passengers in 2012. 

”It is a wonderful acknowledgement that we contribute to well-being in the region, both as a showcase and growth generator but also in terms of innovativeness and dedication to crucial future issues,” says B-O Lindgren, airport director at Umeå Airport.

With passenger growth at Umeå Airport equivalent to five per cent this year, the airport is one of the fastest growing in Sweden. As a result of the growth, a major refurbishment was recently launched, in partnership with the Municipality of Umeå and Region Västerbotten, which is aimed at increasing capacity and improving the atmosphere for passengers. Passengers also now have the chance to travel by electric bus between the terminal and Umeå town centre.