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Torborg Chetkovich to step down as CEO of Swedavia

2015-12-18, kl. 15:00

Swedavia’s Board of Directors has decided to dismiss Torborg Chetkovich from her position as president and CEO of Swedavia.

Torborg Chetkovich is leaving her position as president and CEO of the Swedish state-owned airport company Swedavia. The move was clear following a unanimous decision by the Board to dismiss Ms Chetkovich from the position she has held since 2010.

“The reason the Board had taken this decision is that we have different views of how leadership should be exercised to develop operations in the long term,” says Ingemar Skogö, chairman of Swedavia’s Board of Directors.

The Board would like to emphasise that Ms Chetkovich’s numerous years of work to develop Swedavia have been fruitful. The company has succeeded in making Sweden an important meeting place, making its airports part of the travel experience, carrying out pioneering sustainability work and making Swedavia a growth driver in Sweden.

“The strategy adopted for Swedavia’s development is still in place,” Mr Skogö stressed.

The Board has now appointed the current deputy CEO, Karl Wistrand, as acting CEO.