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Swedavia welcomes grant of appeal for Stockholm Arlanda’s environmental permit

2014-03-19, kl. 11:00

The Swedish Land and Environmental Court of Appeal today, Tuesday, ruled that Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s new environmental permit will be considered for appeal.

On November 27, the Swedish Land and Environmental Court of the Nacka District Court approved a new environmental permit for Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The new permit could entail constraints on the airport’s development potential. To safeguard Sweden’s opportunities for national and international exchanges, Swedavia appealed ten of the total 36 conditions in the new permit.

“We welcome today’s ruling by the Land and Environmental Court of Appeal,” says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Swedavia has appealed the conditions restricting straight approaches over the densely populated area of Upplands Väsby as of January 1, 2018. Swedavia is also appealing a number of conditions concerning insulation for aviation noise as well as approach and departure routes. The Land and Environmental Court has set more stringent limits on aviation noise than those in effect under the national standard established by society.

“Based on what air traffic looks like today, the limit that the condition entails could mean that Stockholm Arlanda’s capacity would be reduced by almost 40 per cent. It is also our ambition to develop the airport and strengthen air connections with the rest of the world, which would make the consequences even greater. This is an issue that affects not just Stockholm Arlanda, but all of Sweden,” Mr Westin notes.