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Swedavia switching to cashless payment for airport parking

2015-01-12, kl. 12:00

Beginning January 15, payment for parking fees at Swedavia’s airports will move to a cashless system – one already introduced at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

In order to simplify payment options at its airport parking facilities, Swedavia is switching to payment by credit/debit card. Today, more than 95 per cent of parking customers pay by card at Swedavia’s airports. Increasing the options to pay by credit/debit card also means safer handling for customers.

Henceforth, more payment options will be available for airport parking:

  • Prepaid parking (this option is currently available at most Swedavia airports).
  • Payment by credit/debit/petrol card.
  • Purchase of a charge card loaded with a given amount of money.

To facilitate the switch to payment by credit/debit card, during the transition Swedavia’s airports will also offer the option of cash payment at manual tills – for instance, at the airport’s parking pay desk (Parkeringskassan) or at the airport’s information desk where such facilities are available.