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Swedavia named one of the top hundred Swedish employers in 2013

2013-01-25, kl. 10:26

Swedavia has been named one of a hundred “2013 Career Companies” by the Swedish financial daily Dagens Industri. The reasons given for the choice are that Swedavia demonstrates considerable commitment as a sustainable employer and provides good career opportunities.

The honour is awarded each year by di.se’s “Your Career” section, highlighting the most exciting companies in Sweden to  pursue a career in. Dagens Industri initially nominated 300 companies from a variety of industries with strong brands that the newspaper considered potentially attractive employers.

“At Swedavia we talk about being a sustainable employer – we emphasise the sustainability circle, how we do not have just one sustainability manager, but rather how everyone is a sustainability manager,” says Charlotta Hyldal, HR Director at Swedavia.

Swedavia integrates sustainability in its strategic plans and business plans, and works with these issues in order to be a profitable company and take responsibility for society in general. 

”We have an incredibly exciting environment here. We work with infrastructure that is vital to society and is needed so that all of Sweden can thrive. We work with interesting customers and airlines. We are guided by core values and have a clear focus on our employees. There is always a great deal happening here, and there is always a really strong sense of commitment,” Ms Hyldal adds.